Here you will find link lists on the topic of spinning tops, divided into spinning top shops, non-commercial spinning top makers, spinning top collections and information on spinning tops.

Spinning top shops:

  Link   Comment   Distribution with a large selection   Distribution of superior qualities   Spinning tops of the woodturner parlour Rossbachtal   Spinning tops of Grünspecht   Handmade "Spinning tops Bischofszell" from Mirta and Manfred Kreis   Spinning tops of good quality manufactured manually in series   Swiss spinning top merchant   Handcrafted perfection spinning tops from Burkhard Höschen   Perfection spinning tops from Rainer Wächter   Helmbrecht Zastrau: Wooden spinning tops for every requirement   Has offered elegant handmade wooden spinning tops at Christmas markets   Elegant spinning tops from Jürgen Ludwig   Industrially manufactured wooden spinning tops from Baumann Holzspielzeug   Wooden spinning tops   Spinning tops from Philippe Chacqueneau, Strasbourg, France   American wooden spinning tops, shop of Roy Campbell   American handmade perfection spinning tops from Buz's Woodcraft   American glass spinning top manufacturer   Italian manufacturer, medium quality   Toy shop withspinning tops in Gonneville sur Mer, France   Beautiful site with many japanese spinning tops   Japanese spinning tops trader   Japanese spinning tops trader   American trader of throwing spinning tops for competitions   American trader of wooden spinning tops   Spinning top shop in Barcelona   Spinning top manufacturer, which are balanced on a board standing on their handle   Physics toys and spinning tops


Spinning top producers:

  Link   Comment   Handcrafted perfection spinning tops from Harald Müller   Perfection spinning tops from Armin Kolb   Perfection spinning tops from Rainer Carsten   Ceramics spinning tops from Harry Kramer   Elaborate handmade spinning tops from Randy Rhine   Perfection spinning tops from Bernhard Nepelius   Original spinning tops   Some noble spinning tops from Christoff Guttermann   Noble spinning tops from Eric Bozier   Spinning tops from France from Jean-Michel Mroziewicz   Spinning tops from Donatien Eugène
  yophosis   Site about throwing spinning tops for competitions


Spinning top collections:

  Link   Comment   Large collection with many humming tops   Private collection of spinning tops   Private norwegian collection of spinning tops of Knut Hegna   Spanish collection of spinning tops of Fercanova Dissenys   Collection Gerold Jäggle   Spinning top and yo yo museum in Burlington, Wisconsin, USA   Large spinning top collection in the japanese spinning top museum in Nagoya   Japanese information about spinning tops   Japanese collection of Eiji Ohashi   Dutch collector of antique spinning tops (Arthur Verdoorn)   Smalll collection by Mia Levesque   Archive copy of the collector's page of "The top guy" with many humming tops   French page with dreidels   Japaneseflat, traditional Beigoma throwing spinning tops


Information about spinning tops:

  Link   Comment   Categorization of spinning tops according to Ulrich Mott   Spanish association of friend of spinning tops   Blog of the throwing spinning top champion Jorge Alcoz   Large anglophone spinning top forum   Video instructions for building an Origami spinning top
  Levitron   Instructions for building a hovering spinning top "Levitron"   Production of colour spinning tops   Explanations and video on the function of reversing spinning tops   Thousands of spinning top photos   Jan-Hendrik Scharmann about whiptops   Links to pictures of Japanese spinning top events   Short introduction to throwing spinning tops   pdf-text on nutation and precession by Eugene Butikov   Java-applet on nutation and precession: "Forced precession of a gyroscope"   Java-applet on nutation and precession: "Free rotation of an axially symmetric body"   Information about "Levitrons" running permanently   Informationen on the function of reversing spinning tops

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